Digital Marketing for Real Estate Industry

The world has become a global village with the help of the internet. Every sector has taken advantage of digital space to market and sell their products to a larger audience. The real estate industry has incorporated digital marketing along with traditional marketing strategies to increase sales & exposure. The internet has made it very easy for the customers to explore their options within the comforts of their homes or offices. So every business has upped their game in marketing by leveraging the advantages offered by the digital space. Let us have an insight into some digital marketing strategies for the real estate industry that can be incorporated hand in hand with traditional marketing. 

1. Create a website

Now customers search for the desired product on the internet even before they go out in person to buy the product. So having an attractive website can help the real estate businesses to showcase the properties to potential clients. Include property listing on the website with photos and update them regularly. You may even include a mortgage calculator and easy value add for visitors.

2. Build a blog

You may run a blog with SEO friendly content. This ensures that your content related to the properties appear on the google search for relevant keywords. Use effective keywords that are trending. Keep your blog navigation smooth and fast to your main website and other links of your profile page on other real estate sites. Add interesting images in your post related to the properties you are putting up for sale.

3. Develop email marketing campaigns

Make use of email marketing campaigns like sending a newsletter with the content on the real estate properties and also an updated property listing to email contacts every month. Ensure that you add links to pictures, videos of the properties, or use virtual staging of homes or spaces. 

4. Employ virtual staging

Pique the buyer interest by offering the sneak peek of the properties you have listed on sales by using virtual staging websites. Websites like Houzz use virtual staging to give a virtual tour of the properties saving time & money of physical staging the property. This allows both buyers and property owners to experience the spaces before making the deal.

5. Try experiential marketing

Invite buyers to a tour of the area you’re selling in, hold an event for homebuyers about the process of buying a home, or arrange an open house and invite buyers to view the home.

6. Partner with local businesses

Use your local connections and partnerships with local businesses that sell items like furniture, home décor and even coffee shops to promote property listing. Invite potential customers for open house tours etc.

7. Run paid social media promotion

Social media is another tool to get in touch with potential home buyers, promote your listings, and brand building. Use attractive images in ad promotions to reach a higher audience. A Pinterest perfect home is esthetically appealing for audiences to click on the picture that takes them to your website. 

Social media ads allow you to pick the target audience at a wider scale.

8. Use drone photography

Try adding an exciting factor to your property listing by adding drone images of the exterior of the property and the surroundings. Nothing is more appealing and attention-holding than aesthetically appealing drone images.

10. Ask for Referrals

Ask your previous customers to refer your real estate services to their friends, relatives, and acquaintances. Use email marketing to check on your buyers and requesting for feedback on the service & referrals request.

11. Make Your Videos

A full property tour video is a powerful tool for a realtor. Use client testimonials, detailed property tours, etc. to make your videos stand par to the real-time experience for the potential customers. Pitch in your services and property listing and stand apart from the crowd.

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