Scope of Digital Marketing during the Coronavirus Pandemic

The world is undergoing the most difficult times due to the spread of the pandemic. More than 40% of the world population is under lockdown keeping in mind the safety & wellbeing of human lives. All the businesses & government agencies have asked their employees to avoid crowds and maintain social distancing to fight against the virus spread.

People have taken upon themselves to opt for work from home, avoid public spaces like malls, restaurants, gyms, offices, etc. This means the customers staying indoors are likely to depend on the online services to shop, work, order and communicate. In this scenario, digital marketing can be the best defense of any brand against the coronavirus.  

With internet ruling, every aspect of human life, digital marketing has already been an indispensable part of marketing strategies. It has been observed that there has been a 50-70% surge in internet hits during the lockdown. So this opportunity needs to be explored by brands to strengthen their digital marketing efforts.

Online Ads

With social distancing being the new norm, many big-time events like Tokyo Olympics, B2B conferences, concerts like the cochlea, etc. all have been canceled to avoid crowds. Many companies investing, hosting, and sponsoring the events have suffered massive losses. So businesses need to think of keeping their brand ads being displayed to their potential customers through online ads rather than investing in billboards or any traditional ads. People with their best friend’s, phones & laptops, powered with high-speed internet can be drawn to brands with these online ads.

E-commerce brands could benefit from new shopping habits

Well with manufacturing operations have shut down for a long time, e-commerce giants like Amazon, flipchart, etc. are facing big-time challenges with a lack of products to fill up their warehouses to be shipped along with international borders closed making shipping a nightmare. Yet this may not be the situation in the long run. People at home will shop from e-commerce websites through phones & computers. This shopping habit of buying within the comfort of your home is more likely to stick on towards the future. So the businesses need to strengthen their digital marketing game with more attractive & responsive websites, online ads, and higher google ranking.

The products displayed need to be more real-time (photo & video clarity & even may include a virtual interface to have a near to tangible experience). The product descriptions need to be elaborate & informative. The brand need to  make customer interactions more spontaneous & genuine about the availability of the product, the delay or time of delivery all need to be more upfront. Stalling your customers in this online scenario would leave them frustrated and prompt them to opt for other websites for the service. Honesty is the key. 

You may run awareness campaigns on the digital plate forms like Instagram & YouTube which may leave a good impression on potential customers.

Keep your target audience updated 

Communication is key to keep your target audience loyal to your brand. The coronavirus situation is changing rapidly as you read this article. Digital marketing has a fast-faced nature which is an advantage the brands could leverage. So with the unpredictable changes of virus spread, you may use digital marketing to keep your audience updated about your brand by monitoring the situation & be prepared to mitigate losses due to cancellation, non-refundable ad-spots, and delay in delivery, etc.

Invest to update your communication strategy

This is the high time to develop a content strategy for all sectors. You need to offer accurate information about coronavirus & its impact. This helps to communicate with your customers on an emotional level & gain long term trust. You need to ensure that your services include options for the customer to make decisions without including the fear factor. Many brands have used the fear factor & misleading information to sell products that do not leave a good impression in the long run. You need to communicate the truth which helps you stand out from frauds & build your brand reputation.

Resources to communicate

  • A good video conferencing solution like Zoom or Go To Meeting.
  • A chat solution so you can communicate with customer groups in real-time like Gchat or Slack
  • A project management site like Basecamp, Asana, Wrike, Trello, 
  • Cloud file storage like Drive, Dropbox


In the short term, businesses are undergoing financial hits. However, rather than focusing on the downside, you may use this time to build your brand reputation & offer your digital plateforms to be the source of authentic information that will solidify your connections with customers for a lifetime.

This is the time to opt for sensitive & responsible marketing strategies. Ensure you do not stick to fear as your marketing logic which destroys the reputation and will last even after the coronavirus has run its course.

Now is the stage of careful planning and start implementation slowly so that when everything subsides you are the first to market & capitalize. Put in place a reliable digital marketing cost per acquisition model and get ready to scale marketing and make a massive come back soon.

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