Content Marketing for Real Estate

Many real estate companies have taken up blogging to build and maintain a strong brand image, attract new clients, and differentiate from local competitors. A blog simply published weekly is not going to bring a large audience. 

However, if you combine content marketing and weekly posting of blogs with the help of a content marketing agency in India, you can focus on getting more prospects, capture and nurture leads which eventually leads to new customers. 

There are some amazing tips you can rely on to help you use content marketing in the real estate business.

Sell Experiences Not Houses

Through content marketing in real estate, you need to sell the positive experience of your customers in leveraging your real estate services. Your customer experiences, increase the credibility & trustworthiness among potential clients and attract more prospects. People always consider their homes as a feeling beyond the brick walls and the concrete. You can use these raw feelings to differentiate your company from competitors by writing what people want to read and relate to. 

Become a Broader Resource

The money and time you invest in content marketing need to ensure high ROI. For this, you need to build a large reader following and audience base you can organically promote your content posts to more people outside of your network. To ensure your work is shared widely, you need to ensure you are a whole source of information related to real estate. To become a wholesome source, you need to write on all kinds of real estate topics.

A variety and informative blog collections mean new prospects and audiences for your business.

Leverage The Right Tools

The content writers of top creative agencies in India, always adopt the right kind of content marketing tools that standardize processes, automate tasks, and scale what works. You can use tools to find competitive blog ideas, create blog posts, publish, share and email the blogs on social media platforms. Sometimes not everything can be done manually.

Tools to help you build an effective content marketing program that boosts productivity and yields:

  • Facebook Ads 
  • Trello 
  • Buzzsumo
  • CoSchedule 
  • Grammarly
  • ContentMarketer.io 

Beyond the Blog Post

It is not enough to simply post, publish and share blogs. To become a credible and go-to real estate company, you need to offer more value to your customers by offering contents in the form of:

  • Ebooks on real estate topics
  • Helpful checklists and worksheets 
  • Videos or slide decks
  • Free email courses
  • Tools to calculate EMI of housing loans, tax calculators, etc.

You can give away books or resources related to real estate to collect contact information like emails. You can content upgrade offers in the blog posts also.

Use Existing Network

Use your networks to promote your latest blogs. It is a time-saving, reliable, and cost-effective way to promote your blogs through friends, colleagues, business partners, and family members. 

Real estate companies can use these opportunities to find new customers and also build a strong content promotion army. Your network consists of people who are loyal to your brand and help give new prospects an authentic reference.

You may send emails, LinkedIn messages with the link to your blogs asking them to promote it.

Set Goals and Track Progress

Like in every marketing strategy, a web designing company in Kerala, also sets clear goals & tracks progress for their content strategy. They test and publish different types of content on the real estate website. Once you implement a strategy, you need to audit and track the progress and outputs you get out of the content. If it’s worthy of bringing in prospects, keep enhancing your strategy.

Content marketing can take the real estate business to greater heights.

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