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Types of Ad Targeting to Reach more Potential Customers

Digital Ads offers a plethora of methods to target your customers. Unlike traditional marketing mediums, digital ads allow businesses to target audiences belonging to various demographics including geography, age, gender, or device type.

Target Potential Customer-Based On Various Factors

Potential customers can be target-based on different factors like their geography, customer interests, age, gender, life stages, job roles, functional areas, etc.

Let us explore these factors in detail:

Geography Targeting

The customers can be targeted by focusing on the countries, states & cities they live in. You can find the best target areas for launching new products. Digital marketers can locate local markets with high concentrations of potential customers ensuring good income prospects. Local SEO marketing and geotagging are common ways adopted by the best SEO company in Kochi to draw in a geography-based target audience.

Age & Gender Targeting 

Companies target people under a specific age limit or based on gender. You can use age and gender targeting to gain long-term success since you can respond to changing data. By reviewing the changes frequently, you can fine-tune your marketing strategies by identifying new target audiences and opportunities based on age & gender. Dividing consumers into groups based on age and gender helps advertisers cater particular products and services that appeal to that age & gender group.

Device Targeting

Device targeting is a tool in Google Ads used by top advertising agencies in India where the advertisers can choose the type of ads shown on which device. You have the option to choose mobile-only campaigns ads variations for tablets, bidding strategies for desktop ad groups.

Google Ads offers three choices:

  • Desktop
  • Mobile
  • Tablet

Detailed targeting can be achieved by choosing an operating system like Android or iOS. Users can be sent to mobile-specific landing pages. For example, it is observed that mobile users are easily convertible than desktop users. 

Targeting Based On Customer Interest

Customer preferences and interests can be understood by analyzing their search behavior. Google ads, SEO & Amazon ads are channels through which customers can express their preferences through search queries. You can target them based on specific requirements. 

Google Display Network channels like YouTub can be used to target audiences who show interest in products like cosmetics, electronics, automobiles, etc. In these channels, the marketer has the option to decide where you want to show your ads on a news website or a YouTube channel with viral content.

Advanced targeting methods based on life stages(parents, married or engaged) job roles, and functional areas are used by social media marketing companies to convert target audiences through social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, etc.

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With such a variety of options for targeting, digital marketing is highly effective for brands to reach specific audiences and grow their businesses.

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