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What are the Best Strategies for Social Media Branding ?

Social Media is a great way to create brand awareness and interact with your customers. You can create a recognizable identity among your target audience and even enhance brand loyalty. Expert companies are offering brand building through social media management in Kochi, Kerala.

A brand is always more than a logo, colour combination or even a cover image. A brand is a feeling or emotion among your loyal customer which you need to built consistently in every interaction your customer has with your band.is more than a logo or set of colors, and it’s so much more than a cover photo. A brand is how you make your customers feel, and it’s built by taking a consistent approach across every interaction they have with your brand. 

Here are some strategies for social media branding:

Cover your basics

Always maintain a consistency in the following across all social medi aplateforms of the company:

  • Logo
  • Color palette
  • Bio
  • Boilerplate
  • Handle

Never change the style of your logo depending on the network. What ever your logo may be, ensure it is same across all networks. This ensures people can recognize yur brand easily. Emember to goi for same brand colour even though the banner designs may change in different networks. 

Now as you have the basic down, remember to always do social medi audit and update the content regularly. Once you’ve got the basics of branding your social profiles down, then you’re able to move on to more intermediate strategies. Even your basic branding strategy should be audited and updated quarterly. Also remember to post in social medi aon a regular basis. As long as you are active, your brand will be included in the conversations the customers have.

Here are some steps to be taken:

  • Social media audit across all of your accounts
  • Ensure logos, banners, bios, posting are all consistent and conduct regular audits. 
  • Make posts that align with your brand image and ensure you post consistently.

Extending the  visual branding

Once you set a consistent visual branding for your company across all socimedia handles, you need to advance further.  Make sure your brand colour & font is reflected in images, graphics, and videos. Once you are consistent , the customer will recognise a pattern in the posts and recognise your brand. This type of recognition from your customers is the ultimate goal of branding agency in Kochi.

Action steps

  • Prepare a written visual brand guide including fonts, their uses, and colors. Ensure you create same templates for common announcements with similar font, colour and design.
  • Create photos and videos keeping in mind the aesthetic and color of your brand.

Develop your marketing personas

Always remember your marketing persona will be different on different networks. Instagram has more younger audience than facebook. So if you display same content on different networks, you will end up boring one of the audience group. So ensure you create multiple personas for your marketing efforts.

You can start off with the company’s customer base. Once you achieved this, map them to different socila media handles. 

Action steps

  • Create multiple marketing personas. Assign the social media networks that match
  • Examine demographics on different networks and try to understand the customer requirements.
  • Generate content to match the personas

Establish your brand voice & tone

Caotuons and related copies are very important in social medi abranding. You can choose the tone of your writings – sarcastic or snarky and informative. Its sets a recognizable personality to your brand.

A voice and tone guide news to include details like brand persona, company catchphrases, personality traits, and vocabulary. If your brand is mananged by third party best digital marketing agency, the guide will help them to follow a set up of brand tone and keep consistency. 

Action steps

  • Ensure to develop and write out your voice and tone guide. Use social media listening to validate writing style decisions.
  • Audit your own social media posts to improve  in voice and tone
  • Share the guide and educate teams that write copy. 

Create multiple accounts for different areas of focus

Some companies have a lot of product and services. It is always to have multiple accounts to represent these services and products. Multiple accounts enables to hyper-focus your branding, enables you to cater to a specific audience and serve up relevant content.

How to set the accounts?

  • Keep one  account per location
  • Keep separate accounts for marketing and customer service.
  • Accounts by the audience 
  • A mascot account 
  • Department-specific accounts  

Social media branding is very important for creating brand recognition among potential clients and also maintain brand reputation.

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